Full Name
Ashe Menon
Job Title
VP of Operations
Speaker Bio
Ashe Menon is responsible for Project Auredia which is a startup funded by NOV that is focused on helping manufacturing companies increase profitability. The application is also being deployed across various divisions within NOV. Prior to this he served as the Senior Vice President of Global Operations for the Grant Prideco Division at NOV. He has served in different capacities in various divisions during his 17 years with NOV. He spent multiple years as an entrepreneur until his company was acquired by NOV. He has been published in over 10 Oil and Gas Industry Magazines; he has also presented papers at conferences around the world. He is an Alumni of University of Houston and Harvard Business School. He received the 2017 Smart Industry Top 50 Digital Innovators award.

He was also ranked in the top 250 fundraisers for various charities in Houston in the past. Outside of family and work, he wishes he had more time to golf, run and watch football.
Ashe Menon