Full Name
Crystal Grant
Job Title
Chief Information Security Advisor
Chatam Group
Speaker Bio
Crystal, a Chief Information Security Advisor, embodies extensive expertise in senior leadership, performance optimization, program implementation, risk governance, and strategic direction spanning sectors such as fin-tech, technology security, e-commerce, and education. With a rich background in devising security solutions for Fortune 100 enterprises, she bridges start-ups to established organizations. Crystal's mission centers on aligning with purpose-driven entities and nurturing an environment primed for progressive performance transformation and adept change management. A perceptive needs assessor and collaborative force, she evaluates objectives' essence and value, unifying teams to operational goals. Her adept teamwork and refined leadership converge to foster positive workplace culture, amplify efficiency, and elevate team morale. Supported by advanced communication skills, she excels in nurturing constructive cross-background relationships, relentlessly pursuing growth and engagement.
Crystal Grant