Full Name
Matt Gallipeau
Job Title
Production Manager
Northside Lexus
Speaker Bio
23 years of automotive experience. I often helped my father with household repairs, especially, vehicle repairs. I held automotive repair in high regard due to its highly technical nature. I desired knowledge and mechanical ability. I started out as a parts sales associate at O’Reilly auto parts to have access to inexpensive parts for my first vehicle. The cost of a professional mechanic was not affordable. As a result, all repairs and service performed on my vehicle were done by myself. The knowledge I accrued would serve me well as I began my professional career as a Wal-Mart express lube technician. After a period of about a year, I decided to try the dealer circuit and applied at a BMW and a Toyota dealership. I was given my first shot at dealer service by a Toyota service manager. Once again as an express lube technician. With only a few wrenches in a tackle box, I began in the winter of 2005. One year after beginning as a lube tech I was transferred to full technician status. Three and a half years later, I acquired a position as a technician at Jim Hudson Lexus. After a year I transferred to Northside Lexus in Houston in November of 2009. Starting my time there as a level 3 technician, I worked my way to a lead tech, group leader and eventually a Diagnostic Specialist position. In April of 2023, I was promoted to Production manager and shop foreman, a testament to my extensive experience and expertise in the automotive industry. With each new job and position, I received knowledge and training from multiple outlets. All of which I have used along the way in my career.
Matt Gallipeau