Full Name
Crosby Brito
Job Title
Employer Engagement & Partnerships Manager
Houston-Galveston Area Council
Speaker Bio
Crosby Brito has been actively involved in the Workforce Development since 2009. Over the years, Crosby has taken on various roles and responsibilities within the Workforce System.
Crosby has a background in managing projects related to workforce development. Some of these projects have involved collaborating with The Office of the Attorney General's Child Support Division and has been involved in a range of workforce development initiatives including On-the-Job Training programs, apprenticeship expansion efforts, Women in Construction programs, and Oil & Gas transition Initiatives.
Crosby serves as the Employer Engagement and Partnership Manager for the Gulf Coast Workforce Board. In this role, Crosby has direct oversight of private and public grants and employer driven projects with direct responsibility for managing financial resources and incentives aimed at supporting employers and improving the workforce ecosystem.
Crosby continues to play a crucial role in supporting employers with their Workforce and Talent Development needs. This indicates a commitment to facilitating a mutually beneficial relationship between employers and the workforce system.
Crosby Brito's extensive experience and responsibilities within the workforce development field highlight their dedication to improving employment opportunities and supporting both job seekers and employers in the Gulf Coast region.
Crosby Brito